Workshops, Courses, trainings, gatherings and residences...

Well, 2020 was quite quiet on this front. 

La Bolina did host a training programme for Youth Change Maker's part of Start the Change - for which I made a Handbook which you can have a look at in PDF format here


This year La Bolina Learning Centre will be hosting a series of Ulex South trainings, when the dates are confirmed I will   add  more details of the trainings and how to apply. 

Once travel restrictions are lifted and it's safe to gather again - I intend to open a residency space in the La Bolina Learning Centre for exchange and reflection. I am interested in exploring what it means to 'take action' in these times. How to we make sense of the changes we are experiencing around us? It is important now, more than ever, that these conversations, exchanges and reflections happen between DIVERSE groups. I imagine practitioners coming together to expand their perspectives step into the 'lived reality' each other through story, theatre, conversation and moving to collectively making sense of what how to move forwards on an individual and collective level. If you are interested in this please email me: ruth.cross@gmail.com