About me



I specialise in instigating transformative, regenerative, creative change across diverse contexts. My social arts practice has developed from directing immersive performance to coordinating cross-disciplinary projects with organisations, migrants and refugees, decision-makers, civil society and local communities. I combine Choreography, Complexity Science, Social Presencing Theatre, Theory U, Theatre of the Oppressed and Dragon Dreaming. 

As a solo artist I am currently experimenting with filming myself improvising around a specific text, idea or gesture; transitioning between art and mark-making, dance, social theatre, song, storytelling and theory. 


I am fascinated by moments of collective clarity: a decision made between a group or the silent yet palpable acknowledgement of shared knowing. Using phenomenology, I am building my capacity to precisely articulate these moments by stretching them open to take notice of what happens. 

I am a research contributor in the Schumacher Society Research in Action community led by Patricia Shaw - and I am a member of the social practitioners group Delicate Activism in the times of Corona led by Sue Davidoff and Allan Kaplan. 


I bring all this to my work with a major social project - La Bolina (Spain)

La Bolina is a regenerative social/ecological business and community development project in the south of Spain, where I live and work. La Bolina began as an idea 4 years ago and now supports the social/economic integration of migrants and refugees, regenerates abandoned land, creates networks, gatherings, trainings and events and is an eco veg business. La Bolina is made up of relationships - a weaving of actions and conversations, the detail of which I find myself obsessively attentive to. I am always exploring how I and others are moving in this relational web. I am curious about what creates experiences of aliveness between people (project members, migrants, local villagers, local authority officials) and how this aliveness sparks possibility - how what had before seemed impossible, begins to happen.