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In 2009 I launched ‘Post Present Future’, a creative arts project which invited people to write a letter to their future selves, with a promise that their letter will be posted back five years later.

For more than a decade, thousands of people have taken part in the project, sharing their hopes, fears, difficulties and dreams in a 'solo durational performance' from themselves to themselves. For some it’s been about setting a clear commitment towards the creation of a better world, for others it’s been about crossing new thresholds and laying old stories to rest. What would you write to your future?

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Over the years I have noticed reoccurring patterns in what people write, which I grouped into the themes belonging, vulnerability, family and life intentions. These themes cut across cultures, backgrounds and age which led me to reflect on the commonality of these aspects of humanity.

Download my reflection on BELONGING

Download my reflection on VULNERABILITY

+ Audio about vulnerability:

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In summer 2017 during Theater Ana Zee TAZ festival (Belgium) filmmaker Ayla van Kessel and myself travelled round the city of Oostende, knocking on 30 people's doors to hand delivered their letter, exactly 5 years after it had been written in TAZ 2012. The film captures the moment that people first opened their letter, and, for some read it out loud on camera. Thanks to all the people who chose to participate this film reveals the intimate and personal process of having a letter encounter with and from yourself.

We hope you enjoy!

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